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Say goodbye to complicated, disjointed systems. We’ve engineered a comprehensive solution for all your compliance and training needs that effortlessly integrates with your Xero, Quickbooks or MYOB.​

Elevate Your Education Offering with a True Champion of Student Management.

Discover the ultimate student management solution that combines automation, unrivalled security, and effortless usability. Revolutionize your administrative processes with our intelligent system.

Unlock New Levels of Efficiency with HypeLMS RTO Software

Empower Your RTO with Automated, Streamlined Solutions

With HypeLMS, you’re not just upgrading your software-you’re revolutionizing the way you manage and deliver training. Here’s how our RTO software reshapes your operational landscape:

Boost Productivity with Automation

Say farewell to manual reports and class management. HypeLMS provides you with powerful automation features and reporting tools that free up valuable hours.

Reclaim Your Space

Forget about paperwork clutter and storage woes. Our secure, Australia-based servers are designed for fail-proof RTO data management giving you peace of mind.

Harmonize Your Training Ecosystem

Break down the barriers between your Student Management System and Learning Management System. HypeLMS integrates these seamlessly with pre-built e-Learning resources and courses. Deliver training instantly, right from your platform.

The Ultimate in RTO Software Integration

Our cloud-based solutions integrate effortlessly with each other and widely-used platforms like Xero, MYOB and Quickbooks. Navigate between applications seamlessly to offer exceptional support and training to your students.

Comprehensive Oversight

From student and trainer management to document control, HypeLMS puts every tool you need at your fingertips. Manage all aspects of your RTO effortlessly with our Student Management System.

Streamlined Communication with HypeLMS

More Than Just a Learning Management System: A Complete Communications Platform

Communicate with learners and other contacts directly within the system. Whether you want to send custom emails or automate communications, our rich library of shortcodes, images, and attachments has you covered. From confirming online enrollments to issuing certificates, make it happen seamlessly.

Unify Your Educational and Training Experience with HypeLMS One Platform, EndlessPossibilities

Why juggle multiple apps when you can manage apprenticeships and generate AVETMISS™ reports all within the same platform? With Hype LMS, efficiency and ease of us  are not just buzzwords-they’r a reality.

Student Management, Simplified

Achieve total compliance, manage student data, and streamline your financial operations-all in one integrated system. Learn More

Dynamic Learning Experience

Craft immersive lesson plans and operate virtual classrooms
that captivate and educate. Learn More

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