Student Management System

Unlock the power of efficient student management with our AVETMISS™ Reporting system. Simplify, streamline, and succeed!

Elevate Your Education Offering with a True Champion of Student Management.

Discover the ultimate student management solution that combines automation, unrivalled security, and effortless usability. Revolutionize your administrative processes with our intelligent system.

Elevate Your Education

Secure Your Student Management with Confidence

With our SMS hosted on the secure AWS Sydney cloud, you can have peace of mind knowing that your student management system is protected by industry-leading security measures, robust encryption, and diligent monitoring practises.

Robust Data Encryption

Our SMS leverages advanced encryption protocols on the AWS Sydney cloud, ensuring that your student data remains securely protected both at rest and in transit.

Multi-Layered Access Controls

We implement stringent access controls within our SMS, following AWS best practices.

Regular Security Audits and Monitoring

This proactive approach helps us identify and address any potential vulnerabilities promptly, ensuring the ongoing security and integrity of your student information.

Transform your student management processes and elevate your educational institution to new heights of success.


Effortlessly manage student registrations, collect necessary documentation, and track enrolment status in a centralized system.


Comprehensive reporting from AVETMISS™ reporting to attendance records and student progress reports.


Create and manage courses, schedules, and academic resources in a user-friendly environment. Facilitate collaboration among students and teachers, track learning progress, and ensure a dynamic and engaging educational journey.


Streamline post-course surveys and effortlessly generate stunning branded certificates to celebrate student completion.

Agent Portal

Empower your agents with a streamlined portal for effortless offer creation and seamless enrollment management.

Invoicing Automation

Streamline invoicing with one-click generation and scheduling from SMS to XERO, ensuring uninterrupted learning access contingent on fee clearance.


Directly engage from student profiles with tailored emails and SMS, or broadcast your message en masse with a single click.


Elevate efficiency with one-click USI integration, enabling swift creation, validation, or location of USIs

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